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Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Why should we choose your company for cleaning our facility?.
  2. What if we need cleaning services at some specific time or day of the week?
  3. Do you provide services for residential customers?.
  4. How do you handle customer satisfaction?
  5. How is your method of carpet/rug cleaning different from others?.
  6. Is there any damage can be done to the carpet with your cleaning?
  7. How long will my carpet/rug dry?
  8. Do you remove stains?
  9. Do you charge for the areas you don't clean?
  10. Do I need to do anything with carpet before you come to clean?
  11. Why should I use your company for upholstery cleaning?.
  12. How long will my upholstery dry?

Answer 1:

Action Plus' cleaning program is designed around the client. Our philosophy promotes the concept that everyone in our organization is responsible for quality. We focus on the continual improvements to the process.

Answer 2:

The cleaning schedule can be customized to your individual needs, whether you need a one time spring-cleaning, special event cleaning, or daily/weekly/biweekly/monthly cleaning.

Answer 3:

Yes, we provide services for residential, but only in the area of carpet and upholstery cleaning, early spring cleaning and after construction or renovation cleaning. We can also provide out door pressure washing and exterior and interior window cleaning. Unfortunately at this time we do not provide maid services.

Answer 4:

Customer satisfaction is the most important aspect for our company. Action Plus' representatives regularly call our customers to see if there are anything we should improve. We always welcome any feedback from our customers and if we get one, we address the issue immediately.

Answer 5:

Nothing gets stains out better or cleans deeper than steam. It's high heat breakdown dirt faster and accompanied by our 200psi suction head it will remove 90% of the moisture of the steam along with inground dirt and stains. When it comes to cleaning and fancy new products we all know nothing cleans better than 'hot water and a little soap'.

Answer 6:

Because we are using a powerful extraction head your carpet or rug will dry very fast - in less than two hours

Answer 7:

We guarantee we will not ruin your carpets. Because we use steam as opposed to a fine water spray method your carpets do not get soaked. It is the steam that will release the deep down dirt and stains for easy removal with our powerful extraction head.

Answer 8:

We remove most of the stains. Sometimes, there are some stains that cause discoloration of the carpet. In this case we are unable to remove the stain. When we come and do your consultation and quote we will able to better advise on which stains we can remove and which will be more difficult. Even on the toughest stain we can reduce the discoloration.

Answer 9:

No! We never measure areas that will not be cleaned. For example, if you have some furniture that will not be moved, we do not charge you for that space. Our prices are very reasonable and honest.

Answer 10:

Yes, you have to pick up all small items from your carpet, and for best results we recommend you to vacuum your carpet before we come to your house.

Answer 11:

We take the time to do the job right. We are very careful with all furniture fabric finishes:

  •  Fast drying
  • No over-wetting dangers
  • No sticky, re-soiling residue remains

Answer 12:

Your sofa and chairs will be ready for use within three hours.